Colo Heights Public School

Effort and Integrity

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About our school

Colo Heights Public School is situated 40 km from Windsor. The school's relative isolation and the country setting has a considerable effect on the school's culture, policies, and programs.

Parents wish to maintain the small school country atmosphere but expect that the school will provide a wide comprehensive program. With modern buildings and a separate library, the school is well resourced to cater for the needs of its students. There is strong community support and the school's activities are well attended. The school's stated purpose is to create a learning community that provides quality teaching and learning experiences that are relevant to the students of Colo Heights, to develop an attitude of respect for learning and create an environment that is safe, secure and supportive. The school attempts to cater to the student's individual needs, whilst promoting the values of the wider community. It promotes the involvement and participation of the community and students in school affairs.